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Our Surveys

Promoting Excellence offers a series of high quality 360 degree appraisal surveys which have been integrated into our training programmes but can also be used and purchased separately.

Leadership Qualities

The Promoting Excellence Leadership Qualities Survey is for Senior and Middle Leaders to explore their development needs thoroughly.

Built around a robust and researched model of excellence in these roles, the survey includes 360-degree feedback from up to five colleagues.

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Staff Qualities

Similar in concept to the Leadership Qualities Survey, this is for Main-Scale Teachers, Department Seconds, Support Staff and Supervisors, to explore their development possibilities. It includes 360-degree feedback from up to 5 colleagues, built around a robustly-researched model of first-level leadership excellence.

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Team Climate

The Team Climate Survey allows team leaders and team members to explore the strengths, and to work on the development needs of their teams. The model looks at effective team performance and how the team in question meets the needs of its members, its goals and its wider stakeholders. It is widely-used in schools and colleges.

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Leading Student Learning

The Leading Student Learning Survey complements the Leadership Qualities Survey. Whereas the Leadership Qualities Survey is focused on leading staff teams, schools and colleges, the Leading Student Learning Survey looks at the Classroom Experience for students. It is therefore particularly helpful in completing the 'full picture'

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Complete our 360° surveys online 

All our surveys are completed online, and can be used on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or Android Tablet.
If you are interested in purchasing surveys for your school or company contact us.

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