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About Promoting Excellence

More than fifteen years since our inception, we have a national reputation in the UK for our work with schools and colleges, and a growing reputation in other sectors as well.

More than fifteen years since our inception, Promoting Excellence has a national reputation for our work with schools and colleges. We help Sixth Form Colleges, General Further Education Colleges, Multi-Academy Trusts and Community Schools with leadership development and effective governance. Headteachers and Principals benefit from our work on coaching and mentoring, and we supply experienced ex-Principals as professional critical friends.

Our consultants and associates have considerable experience, after outstanding leadership careers including setting up and running one of the most successful colleges in the country, and leading some exceptionally highly-regarded schools. Meanwhile our popular series of educational improvement books continues to grow and our programme of education professional conferences continues to offer cost-effective and well-attended means to gain new ideas, new strategies and to network.

Contact us on this website to arrange a bespoke training course, buy 360-degree feedbacks for your senior team, or use our 'buy now' facility to buy one of our leadership books in pdf format.

Our Books

Promoting Excellence expertise is now available in a series of useful e-books, full of practical tips, solutions and suggestions to improve your leadership and skills.

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Our Surveys

Promoting Excellence offers a series of high-quality 360° feedback surveys. These can be purchased separately or in bulk, or can be integrated into a course.

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Our Courses

Promoting Excellence courses are delivered by our consultants and associates, all with substantial experience at senior levels in education, & delivered near to you.

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Our Other Services

Promoting Excellence offers support in Quality Improvement by subject or by faculty, as well as in self-assessment (SAR), and in ways to maximise your funding.

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Promoting Excellence